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We specialize in video hosting, video encoding, video streaming, and video production for the broadcast, corporate and education markets. Our clients include video producers, web developers and corporate businesses.   Video Streaming Solutions provides excellent technical services concerning streaming media with Video and we are masters in creating windows media webcast content. We have CDN in the following cities, Los Angeles, Seattle, Atlanta and Toronto
If you would like to stream video from your website, we have the solution. Video Streaming Services is a Streaming Service Provider (SSP). We offer a B2B turn-key streaming media solution to website and content owners.   According to Nielsen/NetRatings, more than 72 percent of Internet users do more than just surf the Web; and popular Internet activities include watching video clips.
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Video Streaming Services a company of Unikron Inc. powers online video streaming, DRM, advanced media hosting, audio streaming, webinars and video streaming services created for today's enterprise in broadcast quality. Video Streaming Services services offer scalability, reliability, and security and are flexible enough to adjust to your every need for online meetings, corporate streaming, dedicated streaming servers, e-learning, e-training, encoding, encoding service, interactive seminars, online training, and webinars. With just an internet connection, Video Streaming Services's collaboration services allow you to improve communications, increase productivity, and reduce costs. Built on Flash, Real, Windows Media, mpg, mpeg2, mpeg4, or Java technology, Video Streaming Services has deployed scripts to launch videos and to facilitate streaming video, streaming media, video on demand, , WebcastInc - Webcasting Service, webseminars, online training and seminars. Try your own video hosting, video streaming or webseminar today. Or call +1-800+670-0366 today for more information.